Massage therapy is one of the fastest developing health-care professions in the world Recognized for its therapeutic effects, massage therapy is being incorporated into many conventional medical treatment routines as an adjunct therapy.
More and more Americans are seeking alternative therapies for serious medical conditions. Studies indicate that massage therapy ranked in the top 3 therapies sought by Americans for relief from stress and pain.

Getting Started

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Please contact us to make an appointment for an interview and tour of our school. You will find our atmosphere to be warm, comfortable and relaxing. We believe our program will be a stepping stone to a prosperous and rewarding career in massage therapy.


Massage as a Profession

image_2Career opportunities are abundant

Massage therapists are working in chiropractic and orthopedic offices, health clubs, corporate settings, private practices, hair and nail salons, for professional sports teams, spas and resorts. The list grows larger every day.