Prospective Student


Dear prospective student,

We are delighted you are considering a career in massage therapy.  The future for massage therapists appears bright since the demand for massage therapists has never been greater and career possibilities abound.  The field of massage therapy offers new doors of opportunity for those dedicated individuals seeking to make a positive difference in the lives of others through improved health.  Therapists apply their skills to assist clients in managing stress, recovering from injuries and maintaining wellness.

Massage therapy is one of the fastest developing health-care professions in the world and continues to gain respect and acceptance from physicians, insurance companies and other health-care providers.  Recognized for its therapeutic effects, massage therapy is being incorporated into many conventional medical treatment routines as an adjunct therapy.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, more than one-third of Americans sought alternative therapies for serious medical conditions.  Studies indicate that massage therapy ranked in the top three therapies sought by Americans for relief from stress and pain.  In addition, massage therapy is increasingly used by amateur and professional athletes to enhance performance and to speed recovery from injuries.

Our professional certification program consists of 650 hours, culminating in dual certification with the student earning certifications in both Professional Massage Therapy and in the advanced technique of Neuromuscular Therapy. Unlike many massage therapy schools, The Birmingham School of Massage includes dual certification within their core curriculum

 LaDonna Ward and Stephanie Poss Dobbins