Program Objectives

Employment opportunities include positions in massage offices and private practice, physicians’ offices, hospitals and medical centers, chiropractic offices, nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, health clubs and fitness centers, spas and resorts, hotels, cruise ships, beauty and hair salons, pain management centers, and sports team facilities.


  • 1 To prepare students to enter the work force as massage therapists.
  • 2 To prepare students to use the principles and techniques of massage to assess and treat disorders of the human body which may benefit from massage.
  • 3 To provide students with adequate information, demonstration, and practice to perform massage procedures capably and safely.
  • 4 To provide students with the necessary information and knowledge to understand the business, marketing, budgeting, insurance, advertising, ethical, and legal principles, issues, and concerns of the profession.
  • 5 To enable students to communicate effectively with clients, other health care providers, and the community at large as to the benefits and advisability of massage.
  • 6 To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to open and manage a private practice.