Tuition & Fees

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Tuition Payment Options

Tuition – $7,600 

Additional Required Expenses:

  • Massage Table Packages – $350-$650 (Due to specific measurement requirements, please do not buy a table before being orientated to attend school)
  • Sheet Sets – Prices Vary (min. 4 twin sets)
  • 2 Professional Massages – $100-$150
  • Books – $350.00 approximately
  • Massage Supplies – $63.95 

BSM Payment Options

  • Option 1 – Pay tuition in full $7,600 with cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx.
  • Option 2 – Pay $3,950 (includes a $150 holding fee) plus 5 monthly payments of $760.
  • Option 3 – Pay $4,050 (includes a $250 holding fee) plus 8 monthly payments of $475.

Third Party Options – Co-signer must accompany these options (fees are included in payment) 

  • _____ Option 4 – Pay $3,800 plus 12 monthly payments of $345.83 ($350 holding fee) 
  • _____Option 5 – Pay $2,500 plus 20 monthly payments of $287.50. ($650 holding fee)

Call Wells Fargo at 256-737-5590 and ask for Tamara to complete an application by phone. Response time for approval is usually within 30 minutes. Remember, just state to them that LaDonna Ward referred you and you need a PERSONAL loan for whatever amount you need. Leave a message if she is not available and they will call you back.
Call Regions Bank at 205-326-5151 and ask for Brett to complete an application by phone.

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